saneens, nubians, one lamancha: poems
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saneens, nubians, one lamancha: poems
Winner of the 2021 Quarterly West Chapbook Contest, saneens, nubians, one lamancha is a collection of poetry recounting my first six months as a novice farmhand on a small raw goat milk dairy in the southern United States. The poems seek to expand the frame of the pastoral by leveraging the specific experience of a black body learning to work, live, and exist in the agrarian.

From contest judge and Tuscon Poet Laureate TC Tolbert:
"Every time I re-read saanens, nubians, one lamancha, I find another way to be in wonder, to be stilled by the scorch of song, and to delight in formal dexterity. Centering the experiences of a Black poet farmer in rural Florida, this collection is a corrective to a white supremacist eco-poetics canon. And it is nature poetry at its most sublime—brilliant and brimming with tender and incisive lyrical range."
Available from the publisher or my Bandcamp. Also doing an online reading on Monday, April 25 [IRL post].

I have some scattered comments across Metafilter about getting rid of all my shit, simplifying, shuffling off to farmlife, and allowing myself space for creative practice. These strange "poems" (there's a good amount of formal play in the collection, including a less ornate version of a greens alignment chart--originally posted to Projects!) being out in the world represent a lot of life changes and progress that have brought me to a place of much increased joy and peace. Y'all helped me get here more than you know; my gratitude for this space and the succor and inspiration it has provided over the years.
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Purchased! Looking forward to holding the book in my hands <3 Congratulations, youarenothere.
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