Reunion Tour
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Reunion Tour
I contributed three songs to a collaborative Blaseball album, Reunion Tour, the fourth in a series of "Away Games" albums that collect songs about teams other than the Garages.

My three songs are the Kansas City Breath Mints ones: "Pudge Nakamoto (Is Shaped Like A Friend)," "Marco Stink (We Love That Bug!)," and "Live. Laugh. Leach," the last of which I also posted to MeFi Music. There's a lot of incredible stuff on here that I'm proud to appear alongside — some personal faves are the dirtbag self-paean "Top 10 Tillman Henderson Moments That ACTUALLY Happened," foreboding "inevitable," terrifying "Adaptation" and haunting "The Game."
Role: Songwriter and musician
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This is so good all around, but I'm happy you highlighted your contributions! The baseline in Marco Stink just goes so hard, and I love the frustrated reverence of the Pudge song. It's so nice to hear some other perspectives outside of the Garages.

"Adaption" is terrifying, and is absolutely fitting that it comes from the Beams.

Also, "The One and Only" is fantastic.

Great job! Thanks for sharing this!
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