A cryptic clue a day for Enigmarch
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A cryptic clue a day for Enigmarch
For Enigmarch instead of writing a full-fledged puzzle every day, I'm just writing a daily cryptic crossword clue.

Enigmarch is a "let's all get creative together for a month" thing like NaNoWriMo or Inktober. Each day they provide a theme word, which I use as some kind of inspiration for my clue, or the answer, or something.

There's five up at the time of posting (i.e., Mar 5), with more to come each day-ish, depending on time zone.

If you don't know what cryptic clues are, this may be baffling without some orientation - if you want to know what's going on, I recommend Sarah Lolley intro to cryptic crosswords.

I can't say my clues are necessarily a great easy starting point, but if you DM or MeMail me and I'll happily give out hints or explanations on request.
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