The World's First Granny Square Pattern
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The World's First Granny Square Pattern
While doing research for an article on the history of the granny square (a crochet motif), I managed to find what is very likely the first published pattern for a granny square. With the help of another researcher, I was able to trace the connection between its first publication and what was previously thought to be the first published example. I then contacted some historians to do some myth-busting about previous theories of its origins.

As I worked on this article it became very important to me to find out who designed this and give her credit. For a long time, women did not get credit for their designs. Crocheter Maggie Righetti attributed patterns like this to “the nameless pioneer women of crochet” who sent their ideas to magazines. “Unfortunately, no one will ever know who they were and how they came to create such a fine textile craft…I wish I knew how they got their ideas.” (And for good reason - many publications did not list the designer's name.) It is beyond exciting to be able to honor this designer for her work.
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Wow, that was a really great read. Thanks for doing the work on this one! Granny squares are awfully recent for something so timeless!
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"We" just repaired a Granny square blanket in our house that was 20+ years old and there was a discussion about how olde the patterns must be. OH LOOK ON metafilter....
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This is so cool!
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(I posted this to the front page here.)
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