Around the World in 80000 lat/lon pairs.
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Around the World in 80000 lat/lon pairs.
I got a bit obsessed with Around The World in 80 Days, and went looking for a data set showing the journey. It turns out there wasn't one, so I went and made it.

I used a combination of google maps journey API for places where railways still exist as they would have in 1872, and manually edited a few to send the trains to the stations they would have gone to in 1872.

There's two possible routes from Calais to Paris, I decided that the sensible one was via Amiens, because it goes literally next to Jules Verne's house.
(Though it looks like the route gets a bit squiggly there. I should go fix it.)

I manually drew quite a lot of the route, mostly in the US because the transcontinental railway is mostly removed now, although I did have reference data for where it was supposed to be.

There are a couple of points where I couldn't really find a good description of where the place was. Most notably the court house in Calcutta.
There is probably a bit of wandering about in Yokohama that isn't in there either.

This is Fogg's route, not Passepartout's.

The map is colour coded,
Trains in Blue
Ships in Red
Walking in Grey
Carriages in Green
Other in Orange (Elephant, Wind Sled, Horseback)

There's a thread here.
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This is cool and I like it, and I imagine a shit ton more work went into it than really shows in the final project.
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