November 8, 2005 6:08 PM

OfficePoltergeist is the easiest way to terrorize your coworkers. OfficePoltergeist sets up a small server running on the victim's machine. The program, which hides in memory while it runs, waits silently for a connection on port 666. With the OfficePoltergeist, you can be the poltergeist! OfficePoltergeist allows you to:
  • Play spooky sounds
  • Open or close cd drives
  • Transmit text through your victim's keyboard
  • Make windows shake
  • Turn monitors on and off
  • Move windows slightly left and right
  • Send popup alert messages
OfficePoltergeist does not install itself or remain in memory after the game is over. While the OfficePoltergeist server does run as stealthily as it can to avoid the victim's attention, OfficePoltergeist is totally gone when the user restarts his or her machine. Source code and whatnot is available.
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