Formula Non (2009 - 2019) An Alternative F1 Photo Project
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Formula Non (2009 - 2019) An Alternative F1 Photo Project
This project began in 2009 and took me to twenty five Formula 1 race weekends in seventeen countries over ten years. The photos are all shot from the edges of the circuits, where little can be seen other than some clues that you might be at a Formula 1 race.

The scope of the work grew over the decade of shooting, eventually becoming more formal when I started using a large format camera in 2017. Ironically this method of shooting ended up yielding the only photos that contain glimpses of the cars on the track.

The project has been split into short thematic parts on the site. A final edit will probably be a tight one of fifty to eighty photos that combines all the themes. Perhaps eventually this will be a book, an exhibition, or something else. The thirty images on the site represent around 1% of the total work shot over the decade of the project and give an idea of the approach.

I am uploading the occasional blog post on the project, these can be found under the formulanon tag.

I've alluded to this work on metafilter in the odd comment here and there.
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The Green The Blue The Grey was shot over a three week road trip in the Pacific Northwest in July 2013.

Lovely! The images are woven together by theme.

(Also describes the Metafilter subsite colours!)
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