Princess Unlimited
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Princess Unlimited
Ten years ago, when my daughter was little, I read too many picture books about princesses who sit around waiting to be rescued. In response, I wrote my own tale about a princess who faces a dragon, starts a business, and saves the kingdom. Today, it finally hits the shelves, with wonderful art from Raissa Figueroa. It got a great review from School Library Journal: "This essential purchase smashes societal barriers erected against gender"!

PS: The School Library Journal link goes to an excerpt from the review but if you have an SLJ subscription, you can find the full review here.
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Oops! I meant to include a link to this free activity kit. It will help kids set up a lemonade stand and make their own business cards, just like Princess Susan! (And it will give grownups a sense of the book if you're deciding whether to buy it.)
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Thanks for posting! Just ordered a copy from for my niblings :)
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Fantastic! I hope they'll enjoy it.
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