Invisible Sun
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Invisible Sun
Invisible Sun, the third book in my Empire Games trilogy, is published on September 28th, 2021.

It completes both Empire Games and the entire nine book Merchant Princes series which I began writing in 2002, and which won the Sidewise Award for alternate history in 2007. (US Kindle readers: the first six books are published as three omnibus volumes: the follow-on Empire Games trilogy is also available. They're published via other ebook stores and on paper as well, in both the US and UK/Commonwealth markets. Publisher is Tor in the USA, and Tor—the UK arm of Macmillan—in the UK.)

This is the climax of a million word long, 9 book, 19 year long project that ate a third of my life. I'f you want to know more about the series, its themes and focus, start here.
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I fondly remember reading The Family Trade (I think in 2011? Obama was definitely president but it's been a while). It's wonderful that finished your series, congratulations, and I'm looking forward to reading this soon.
posted by Chrysopoeia at 10:26 PM on October 5, 2021

My copy arrived the other day: it's really, really, really good.

Warning: do not read if you have other things to do.

Full disclosure: yes I have read the previous eight books in the series. Initial concerns that I would not remember anything about what was going on were soon allayed. This is some fine writing.
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