Pattern Explorer
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Pattern Explorer
A little math/bit operation pattern explorer, inspired by a thread on the Blue about Bit-field patterns.

Possibly due to too much time on my hands, I built a little single-page web app for exploring patterns produced by little "computer math" formulae. The basic way to use it is to enter a formula into the bar, hit "Draw", and (if you don't have a syntax error) see the (hopefully) pretty pattern.

You can pan around the pattern by dragging.

You can share your patterns with others by copying the URL. Nothing gets stored on either your local machine or the server. You can use the browser's right-click menu to save your pattern as a PNG.

If you hit "Mutate," you get an array of mutant versions of the current formula. If you click on one of them, it becomes the new formula, and you can either modify it or hit "Mutate" again.

Probably buggy, definitely sparse, but it seems to work on Firefox and Chrome desktop.

Some sample patterns:

((18-(((x ^ y)%19+19)%19))/18)**10

Classic XOR pattern via (((x^y)&255)/256)

A kinda weird gradient thing: ((1-(abs(((x^y)%19))/(abs(x+y)/2+8)))**12)

Concentric circular gradient (x**2 + y**2)**(1/2)/63

Interference pattern: (((x**2)+(y**2))/63)
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