Quarantine Happy Hour concert archive
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Quarantine Happy Hour concert archive
Between April of 2000 and July of 2021, the Quarantine Happy Hour Facebook group hosted a livestreamed concert of mostly roots/acoustic/americana/bluegrass/folk music nearly every single night. Hundreds of artists gave concerts, and around 20,000 people joined the group. Facebook's interface for finding and watching the concerts after they were over is terrible, so I built a searchable and (hopefully) easier to use page linking to all of them.

The most difficult part of this project was scraping Facebook for the information without getting my account banned. Boy, do they not want you exfiltrating information from their platform: even if I'd registered as an official developer and used their API, it has arbitrary limits which would have prevented me from doing this sort of thing.

Actual archivists, please forgive the use of the word "archive" here. I know that has a specific meaning, and this isn't it. If you've got a suggestion for a better word to use, I'd be happy to change it.
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I don't use Facebook, so I won't be clicking through to any of the videos, but I still thought your project was pretty neat, so I saved the page to archive.org.
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