The Marvelous Money Machine! A Fable of Finance
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The Marvelous Money Machine! A Fable of Finance
The Marvelous Money Machine could make the whole town rich! But…how does it work? A pay-what-you-want picture book for children and immature adults.
Role: writer and illustrator
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"A fool and their resources are soon parted" stories have been some of the funniest shit since humans invented betting, and this is no exception. The illustrations are so delightful and the rhymes are so clever (I'm a sucker for a clever rhyme). One must wonder, though... do you, overeducated_alligator, make a cameo in this story? Are you in fact a tenured Professor of Money and Cash? Regardless of your day job, I would take a dozen of these over the latest Ugh-Bitcoin-Bros-Amirite hot take any day.
posted by All hands bury the dead at 11:42 AM on June 16, 2021

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