PLEDGE: The Musical
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PLEDGE: The Musical
A tiny public radio station is run by a conservative college in Eastern Arkansas. The show follows the station over a nine day period as it goes through the daily trials and tribulations of broadcasting the news, managing employees, navigating politics, wrestling with diversity, dealing with technical problems, and interacting with donors, all while trying to have a successful pledge drive it needs to meet its goal and stay on the air. All of this craziness is just out earshot of the audience and just below the surface of the staid and controlled exterior of public radio. The situations are based things that have individually or collectively happened, are happening or most assuredly will happen in the public radio.

The link goes to a website I created for the fictional radio station featured in the show, KKAR. I created it based on my knowledge of and experience in radio/broadcasting. It includes links that take the user to different aspect of the station and the musical itself. It is always being updated. The idea for the musical came from writing my 2019 book about public radio called, PLEDGE: The Public Radio Fund Drive. That five year effort, also here on Mefi Projects, was public radio in facts, figures, anecdotes, studies and news reports. This, is a story about a staff that sometimes questions but ultimately loves what they do and are loyal to each other and that mission, no matter what.

NOTE: The link above is the only link Network Solutions can currently provide as they are having trouble assigning the domain name with the correct URL.
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This sounds totally relevant to my interests

Sadly the link is 404ing right now.
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