bad screen: a Firefox extension to block distracting websites
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bad screen: a Firefox extension to block distracting websites
Constantly refreshing twitter has been very bad for my mental health, so I made an extension to set a period of time when I'm allowed to look at distracting websites, and block them at all other times.

It also lets me temporally allow websites after a delay. Right now I'm blocking distracting sites except from 7PM to 10PM, with an option to look at most of them for 10-15 minutes after a 5 minute delay, which has been wonderful so far. Having rules that are flexible makes sure that I don't try to work around the system, which has been a problem with most other things I've tried for blocking websites in the past.

I made it mostly to be useful for myself, but I figure some other folks might find it useful as well :) You can find the source code here, if you're interested.
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I have been using Safe Eyes to make me take a 3-second break every minute, and a longer break every while. The 3-second break is just long enough to look away from the screen and be present for a moment. It's been working surprisingly well.
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