Theme from “Apocalypse Yule”
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Theme from “Apocalypse Yule”
While “Apocalypse Yule” was a clustermindf*ck of a “War on Christmas movie”, maybe that was the only way to capture the surreal combination of horror, madness, and violence that only the Holiday Season can bring out.

Some call me a veteran of the War on Christmas. Some call me a terrorist. What I am is the last surviving member of the Krampus Corps.

We weren’t part of the main war against the North Pole regime (and everything that sinkhole of greed, depravity, and cruelty stands for); our liberation movement was the bloody sideshow to the main event.

It didn’t quite go down that way, but it may as well have. The bridge scene, that was 100%.

Tales of the Krampus Corps:
Role: Performer
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