Enough Wicker: A Scholarly Look at The Golden Girls
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Enough Wicker: A Scholarly Look at The Golden Girls
A friend and I started a podcast going through each of the 180 episodes of The Golden Girls TV show and studying them from a socially thematic and 'scholarly' perspective, as well as citing actual academic research about the show on our website.

We've been having lots of fun dissecting each episode (we're in the middle of Season 2 at the moment) on the podcast, interviewing scholars who have real academic papers published in journals about the show, and creating some original content for our website. Here's a collection of a few fun links: You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google, PocketCasts, or Stitcher.

Would love to hear if there are any crossovers of metafilter folks who are also into The Golden Girls and/or academic television studies!

Thank you for being a friend <3
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