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Salutations Everyone! We all have read the quotes about McLuhan, now hear and occasionally see him speak, it's quite different than just reading, as if the person, or medium, if you will, alters the content of what's expressed, or message, ya might say. Seriously though, I'm serializing a project entitled: "Western Cynical: McLuhan Unclaimed", it's available on YouTube, episode 13 is premiering very soon.

This project started off as a Story From Home, essentially the local television service would allocate some money for the purpose of creating original content. Initially, this was going to be a 25 minute video, specifically about Marshall McLuhan's attitudes about Winnipeg. The challenge soon began to be about finding audio or video examples of this subject, which was extremely elusive, since most had no idea he grew up in Winnipeg. Needless to type, the project expanded into a much larger on going habit since discussing the 'effects of technology' is an inelastic subject. Thanks for reading.
Role: researcher, video editing, videography
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