Trey Fontaine
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Trey Fontaine
Bizarrely, and for reasons too long and dull to explain, I’ve released an album of odd rock guitar instrumentals under the pseudonym Trey Fontaine.

The main link is to the album on YouTube, as that seemed more democratic. it's on Spotify here, Apple Music here, and all the other streaming services, as far as I can tell, or at least that's what CD Baby says.

I'd actually forgotten it was coming out, or I'd have added it to Bandcamp, too, which I'll do as soon as I can, I don't have the time to create a new account and yada yada right now.

I wonder who's getting the money from those YouTube ads. I'm guessing it's not me.
Role: Everything except the drums. And the drums, sometimes, too.
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It seems that I'd be getting 70% of the money, if there were money, but there probably isn't, it's just a way of annoying people. Memo to self, maybe don't leave that box checked next time.
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Some great tracks in there. I'm hearing a bit of Hank Marvin/Shadows, The Ventures but also some of that "sonic layering" from '90s Britpop. The relatively clean lead parts with some more overdriven rhythm parts is an interesting inversion of convention as well. Thanks for sharing!
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