Bingo 4 Him - Blokes Only
September 27, 2006 11:40 AM

Bingo 4 Him - Blokes Only
Being an ex-Bingo caller and still being a regular player of the game, I was outraged to read that many men as so ashamed about playing Bingo, they will pretend to be women when they play it online. Worse still, many online Bingo sites have a heavy female bias.

Bingo's a great game for blokes, pure and simple, so I put this site together as a taster for men who might like to try the game out, whether in a Bingo hall or online. There's instructions on how to play, reasons why Bingo is a blokes game and guides to the more man friendly Bingo sites - all done with tongue in cheek, end-of-the-pier humour (hopefully).

Oh yes, and some lovely badges that men can stick on their blogs and MySpace things to show they are proud Bingo men...
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