Visualizing Covid-19 spread in the US
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Visualizing Covid-19 spread in the US
1 minute video showing incredible spread of Covid-19 in the US using county case counts from the NYT. Interactive map is here:

Hi MetaFilter 👋

As the Covid-19 pandemic was progressing, it was hard to get my head around the numbers being bandied about—and I work with data daily (LOL!)

Then on March 26, the NYT open-sourced their daily data on case counts in the US and made it available on GitHub. Using the data and a few hours a night, I built an interactive map for the web.

That effort is open source and built with Bootstrap, TypeScript, React, Redux, and Redux Sagas. You can find that here:

The effect was pretty stunning. Just watching the NYC count go up day by day was pretty scary 🙀.

After getting similar feedback from others, I added some text for context and made a 1 minute video using iMovie and KeyNote (for the text slides) and posted to YouTube here:

Hope this is at least informative,

All the best and stay healthy,
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