Ultimate Quarantine House Selection!
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Ultimate Quarantine House Selection!
A little toy that generates fresh instances of the "Pick Your Quarantine House" meme/game. Potential roommates are drawn from a pool of 3000+ celebrities and historical figures.

Made using the Perchance engine, which is remarkably easy and powerful. I've used it in the past to generate plausible European polearms, crappy also-ran streaming services, and disappointing Terminator sequels.
Role: designer
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by mandolin conspiracy on April 13, 2020: Ultimate Quarantine House Selection!

This is great. Just posted it to the front page. I'm also enjoying the Terminator generator...

Terminator: Revelations
(PG-13; 128 minutes)

Skynet (Victor Garber) finally kills the grown-up John Connor (Keanu Reeves) by poisoning his gnocchi. After this brief scare, a bit of time-travel stuff invalidates the entire plot.

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