In Praise of Borders Radio Archive
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In Praise of Borders Radio Archive
An archive of my 2004/2005 radio show's set lists (with album covers, links to music videos or artist websites where possible, and liner notes). The show was about more-or-less-contemporary world music, w/ a focus on genre/cultural crossover instead of traditional folk forms.

The idea behind the show was that monocultures can produce boring art, and that cultural/musical exchange is interesting as much because of the differences as the similarities. The borders, the places of friction and the places where musical and cultural ideas intersect, can and do produce magic. I wanted to showcase music that would appeal to my peers, but that would also be something different from what they might have heard before. I played ambient from Brazil, punk from Spain, noise from Japan, indie pop from Denmark, garage rock from the Saharan region of Mali, raï from Algeria, and so on, alongside some locally popular/North American acts for context and set flow.

I'd do things differently today (less European-focused, for instance), but at the time a lot of this stuff simply wasn't available to folks in small towns and small cities in Canada. This site is intended an archive of a fun time in my life that may still be able to introduce some folks to new sounds.
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