Local Corona Stuff
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Local Corona Stuff
The WHO has a list of coronavirus commodities (copy at the bottom of the page here since their link is busted today)... which has significant overlap with things that a lot of people may already have at home, and feed bad about hoarding, and maybe be willing to drop off at their local hospital. Boiled down, this site is just two lists: a set of stuff to potentially donate (from people who have stuff), and a set of needs from potential recipients (for example hospitals that need masks).

The thought is that people will be more willing to donate stuff locally -- and its easier to drive over and drop stuff off. Right now, there isn't really anything listed, and of course most hospitals would scorn such small stuff right now... but this virus moves so fast that I figured I'd put it together early anyway, just in case its useful.

BTW, as I mention on the web page, if there is a better place that is already doing this or doing something related, let me know and I can add links (or just wholesale redirect).
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Thanks for tracking this.
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