The 100 Day Writing Challenge
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The 100 Day Writing Challenge
A couple of years ago I made a free 8-week writing course in podcast form. Starting from Jan 1st I'm releasing a new, bigger version called The 100 Day Writing Challenge.

As the name suggests, it's a free 100-part fiction writing course, split into individual podcast episodes folks can stream or download. Each one has a 10 minute writing exercise, including a timer with a bell at the end. All you need is a notepad and pen, or a laptop, something to listen on, and somewhere to write each day. It's meant to be a low-commitment programme people can complete at their own speed, for all experience levels. The aim is to help people build their confidence and skills, by writing more, better and happier.

It uses some exercises from the previous course but obviously, at more than twice the length, the majority are new or revised. Lifehacker article on the original Couch to 80k.
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I've started! I'm so excited! I was really, really dreading what the first thing was going to be - how could I possibly write for ten freaking minutes?! - but the task came up and I smiled. (no spoilers~)
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super excited to try this!
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Just signed up for the podcast and am at the bottom of the mountain on episode 1.
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I did Couch to 80K recently and had been thinking about starting over because I haven't found anything else as good to keep me writing consistently. This is exactly what I needed right now - so excited to get started!
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I'm really, really enjoying this. I look forward to it every day. The format is great for me, too; some days I find I cannot possibly imagine how I'd summon up the energy/creativity to write ANYTHING, but the 5-10min intros work wonderfully to get me in that space.

Early on Tim recommends keeping this as your only creative writing, i.e. don't try and do this for 10 minutes and then work on a novel (is how I interpreted that comment), but as we go along I'm itching more and more to turn some of these freewrites into something a little longer. I just.. want to write, which is a new feeling for me.
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I did Couch to 80k a couple years ago, and enjoyed it a lot (although I never did write a novel, sigh). Anyhow, looking forward to giving it another go with the new challenge. Really like your encouragement and the way you break everything down into totally manageable time chunks. Thanks, Tim!
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