#8PrimatesOfChanukah on Twitter
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#8PrimatesOfChanukah on Twitter
Science Twitter has some great holiday hashtags - #25DaysOfFishmas, #AdventCalendaR, #25DaysOfCrustmas, #AdventOfHominins - but they're all pretty Christmas-y. I decided to combine some science education and a little bit of religious diversity to celebrate the #8PrimatesOfChanukah - every day, a new primate species with some resonance for Chanukah!

1. Lion tailed macaques and Judah Macabee (twitter thread)
2. Mountain gorillas and miracles (twitter thread)

6 more primates and 6 more Chanukah things!
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by mandolin conspiracy on December 30, 2019: The eight primates of Chanukah

I grew up knowing nothing about primates beyond what I learned from BJ and the Bear and Curious George so following your Twitter feed and learning all about your work as a primatologist has been one of my favorite things in recent years. I am mostly envious of your field work as well, other than the leaches and the malaria.
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Thanks, bondcliff! I really appreciate hearing that!

Today - fat-tailed dwarf lemurs and oil!
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Thanks so much for making this. I learned a lot following along.

I just posted it to the front page because it's awesome!
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