All the Buddha Boxes: 70 Songs for 70 Years of China
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All the Buddha Boxes: 70 Songs for 70 Years of China
A song for each year of the People’s Republic of China. An attempt to distill the many diverse, fascinating currents of music in mainland China over the last 70 years into a primer, an invitation to dig deeper. From revolutionary operas and western classical to rock’n’roll, disco, punk and hip-hop — a musical history of the PRC with an eye for the regional, underground and (nefarious) foreign influences.

China blasted through 200 years of music history in just over half a century. In many ways, it offered a re-telling of conventional musical wisdom. Of what music could be and do. This list is an attempt to listen, and to hoist up the marginalized and regional in the narrative of Chinese musical history.
Role: Writer and Researcher
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This is awesome, beijingbrown! I'm having a blast going through these song selections.

(Small correction - the 80's Journey to the West show came out in 1986, not 1987 - but deeming it a forever cool proto-electronic BANGER is 100% accurate)
posted by rather be jorting at 3:27 PM on November 1, 2019

I'm also really enjoying the contextualizing commentary for each track. It's a wonderful mix of historical summary, opinion, humor, and quotes. Seriously appreciating the thoughtfulness that went into putting this all together.
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Thank you so much! And good catch on the year - will correct that right away!
posted by beijingbrown at 7:44 AM on November 3, 2019

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