VOLE.wtf - malevole reborn
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VOLE.wtf - malevole reborn
Way back in 2002 I launched malevole.com, a site for my daftest creative projects, and tried reaching all the cool bloggers with a $10 MeFi text ad featuring an ASCII vole <",_,)~ This seemingly worked, and the site had a few viral hits, but by the end of 2004 I was too caught up in my day job and let it rot. Nearly 15 years later, I've brought it back with a completely new look, some revamped old stuff, and lots more lined up.

I’ve no idea if quirky standalone sites can still find an audience, but I’m giving it a go and it’ll be good to work through my ideas list and collaborate with talented people.
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I love this! The world needs more quirky personal webpages.

Also, I'm terrible at distinguishing between serial killers and programming language designers.
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I'm really good at spotting serial killers. It's in the eyes.

I remember malevole.com! It had a black background and a red-eyed vole in the upper left corner. You did some fancy schmancy thing (I want to say it was dhtml... :) back then too, with little bits of paper with blogging on them that had Xs in the upper right corner. I was jealous of your skills, which is why I remember it so well.
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