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I am a theater-maker & conceptual artist based in NYC (and online), and I've finally built up enough projects and confidence to list my highly weird streaming practice on my website, and thought I'd share it with MeFi Projects too. "grillcover" itself is a weird sort of thing: born in 1995 in the primordial swamps of AOL, it has been my internet avatar and proliferated on tons of web spaces since. One reason I finally collected the projects was because this week I've been rolling out my latest stunt: a live solo marathon speedrun of the Mueller Report. (to be clear, that article is "my" write-up lol) You can watch the whole thing on Twitch, or lightly edited versions of Volume I and Volume II, where I omitted the occasional breaks. And if you or anyone you know uses Twitch, I'd love to see you over on my channel! In general, my online practice is all about digging rabbit holes and making odd connections... I hope you enjoy it!
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