"Warming Up the Band"
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"Warming Up the Band"
This is a teaser video (and so, basically, an ad, but I ask of you... what is an ad? ok fine) which I produced for my day job at Occipital, but I think it's mefi worthy because its the first animated render of this complexity-level I ever did pretty much from scratch (with a lot of help and camera work by my co-worker Karla).

Some production details: 200-some frames from Modo 13 on a small render farm in our office, took about 24 hours to render the final. There are some small defects in the model that I just didn't have time to fix, but sometimes you have to pull the pull the ripcord.

Once you get past the UI, Modo is a really kickass render tool. It took me about a year to really get comfortable with it though. The video is the same setup we use for our product packaging, etc, which has really streamlined that process for us.
Role: render artist, writer, producer, editor, etc
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