Abel's Autobiography
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Abel's Autobiography
This is an excerpt from my Icelandic novel Móðurhugur, translated by Larissa Kyzer, and published in the tenth annual Queer issue of Words Without Borders. The excerpt tells the story of a young trans man at the University of Colorado Boulder who becomes embroiled in a love triangle. More about this issues's other stories and poetry below the cut.

The feature in this issue is new Korean queer writing, introduced and given context by Anton Hur.

Customer, by Lee Jong San and translated by Victoria Caudle, is a single chapter from a science fiction novel set in a future where shopping for body modifications is as simple as buying clothes.

About My Daughter is an excerpt from a novel by Kim Hye-jin and translated by the aformentioned Anton Hur, is told from the perspective of a woman whose adult daughter moves back in with her, girlfriend in tow.

College Folk is a short story by Kim Bong-gon, translated by Kyoung-lee Park, about a Korean grad student on exchange in Kyoto, who has a difficult time finding anyone to date.

The Cupboard with Strawberry Jam is a prose poem by Lee Hyemi, translated by So J. Lee.

The rest of the stories are from elsewhere in the world. As the introduction by Susan Harris notes, all the pieces in the issue are told in the first person.

The Lost Language of Crane Operators is a short story by Matteo B. Bianchi, translated by Wendell Ricketts, which takes place in Northern Italy in the early nineties and tells the story of a grad student in psychology who falls for an older construction worker.

So Long, Luise is excerpted from a novel by Céline Minard, translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman, about a French novelist who has pretended to write in English.

Scissors, Shining is an excerpt from a novel by Lu Min, translated by Michael Day, set in rural China, which is told from the perspective of an apprentice to a village tailor who is rumored to be having an affair with a local woman.

Search: Porn is a short story by Stefan Bošković, translated by Will Firth, about a Montenegrin writer with great ambition who is invited to dinner by his editor.

Bruises is a short story by Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro, translated by Lawrence Schimel, is about a non-gender-confirming girl in Puerto Rico who fights her way into a gang and then has to find her way in a neighborhood where violence is commonplace [tw: sexual and physical violence].
Role: writer
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Loved this.
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Had me at the description of Lionel's novel; no less tragic and awful than the established tradition of A & E, but disturbingly plausible and funny, though I was ashamed of myself for laughing.

Reminded me somewhat of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester's stint, when things got too hot at the court of Charles II (because of fires Rochester himself had set), as fertility specialist "Dr. Bendo" and the matronly "Mrs. Bendo".
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