Deadwood As It Was.
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Deadwood As It Was.
Many of the characters in the Deadwood series existed in real life. I've collected contemporary news stories using newspapers available from Deadwood, the Dakota Territories, and Montana. Six entries so far.

The first entry looks at who was real and who wasn't. Swearengen (real) unfortunately did not appear in many stories. Bullock appeared in hundreds. Other characters were somewhere in between.

Not all of this is breathless reading: more like panning a river for some precious nuggets.

#I Introduction. Deadwood, the Series and Contemporary News Accounts.
#II Sheriff Seth Bullock in Old Deadwood Newspapers.
#III Seth Bullock on the Trail of Stagecoach Robbers.
#IV 1876 in Deadwood.
#V Seth Bullock and the Stolen Election.
#VI. Some correspondences and dispatches from early Deadwood.
Role: Assembler of Stories
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I've put together a new post.

#VII. Ten Surprises I Encountered When Researching Deadwood.
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Thank you. This is really cool. Nice work!
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#VIII Starting a Graveyard in the Black Hills.
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# IX Mr. Swearengen Goes to Washington

I came across an account of Swearengen being sent to Washington to lobby on behalf of opening up the Black Hills to miners.

He is mentioned twice and briefly in the article and I was unable to find anything from the Washington end. Perhaps he only acted as a lobbyist and did not formally testify.

This will probably be my last entry. My blog is going on to the other things it looks at. (A little bit of everything.)
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