Tufte Bootstrap
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Tufte Bootstrap
Edward Tufte uses distinctive, simple, well-set typography, extensive sidenotes, and tight integration of graphics and charts. This project is an attempt to bring that style to the Bootstrap framework. Contributors to this open source project are welcome.

Tufte Bootstrap is a intended to become a Bootstrap theme. It is currently in a very early stage, as a simple css overwrite with bootstrap classes added directly into the html.

The file index.html is a very simple example of what Tufte Bootstrap can do. You'll learn the most if you browse the example web page demo. You might also want to read the HTML markup.
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posted by mpark at 4:57 PM on May 22, 2019

The is cool.

I run my blog on using a modified version of tufte.css similar to the one you are using. One problem I initially had was that Tufte's ideas work best on wide viewports but completely break down when using mobile devices in portrait mode (or narrow browser windows.) I ended up going through several iterations before I found a compromise I could live with.

My code is up on GitHub if you want to take a look, but my project is not are well organized as yours: https://github.com/andrewstephens75/gensite.
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I like it!


;; applying a function to every item in the collection
(map tufte-css blog-posts)

made me wonder if you have some homegrown Clojure jekyll-like, or if you're aware of perun.

AndrewStephen, you raise a good point. Do you have any screenshots?
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