Life Gave Me Fifteen Lemons
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Life Gave Me Fifteen Lemons
I have a friend who I've known since junior high who now lives in California. Her brother died a few months ago, not super surprising but those things are never easy. Randomly some time after that, a box from her appeared at my post office FILLED with lemons. No note other than "You know what to do." I did not, in fact, know what to do, but I made some wild guesses and had a fun time doing it. I wrote this entirely true illustrated essay about what I did because I thought it might cheer her up.
Role: writer, photographer, cook, sculptor
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The tardigrade! Loved this.
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because I thought it might cheer her up.

Who knew that a post about lemons would get me dangerously close to verklempt? A thoughtful piece, and thank you for sharing it. I wanted to share it some more, so - posted to MeFi!
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Awe... and I'd have just tried to figure out how to make real lemonade, lol.
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This is so delightful!
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I am craving lemon-flavored things now.
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