Make money. Rip off hard-working people. Earn cool stuff for your desk.
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Make money. Rip off hard-working people. Earn cool stuff for your desk.
From the team that brought you Payback and Stax comes our newest financial literacy game: Shady Sam.

Lenders make money when people don't pay attention. Which is what you'll learn when you play as the newest employee at Shady Sam's, pulling out all the tricks to maximize profit on every loan you issue.
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I think there's a bug on the second customer. The $85.55 monthly payments for 24 months should come out to $2053.20 for a $53.20 profit, but the answer says the profit is $125.23. This is consistent with 24 monthly payments of $88.55, so I think there was a typo somewhere.
posted by J.K. Seazer at 10:41 PM on March 18 [1 favorite]

There seems to be another error in the student loan scenario. By my math, all three options should have lost about ~$50k for the loan shark.
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Yes, I agree with books for weapons on the student loan. The math checks out if you replace "months" with "years" in the term length.
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I’m not sure where the 200k profit comes from the adjustable rate mortgage. Adjustable rates are generally tied to prime rates somehow, so they change, but not so you get almost 100 percent profit in seven years starting at 1.25 percent...
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Voting for this is painful... I had a perfect run - it is really a perfect game to make you feel awful. A+
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