The earliest when
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The earliest when
A short list highlighting sexist disparities in the numbers of winners in various awards. "This is a short list of earliests. The earliest it can be when as many women as men have won Best Director at the Oscars is 2111. The earliest it can be when as many women as men have won the Nobel Prize for Literature is 2104. The earliest it can be when..."

This was written in a moment of mild fury after reading one too many comments suggesting that "you can't nominate people for awards just because of their gender", after yet again no women were nominated for the best director at the Oscars this year.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by Anonymous on January 25, 2019: mark your calendars

Hey, I came across this a few days ago (I think someone posted in in a MeFi thread?), and shared it on Facebook. Thought it really put things into perspective, for exactly the reasons you state. Thanks.
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