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Playlists from The Site
There are quite frequently posts on AskMe or MetaFilter asking for song ideas or listing songs by artist or genre or etc.

I'm interested in writing a script or macro of some kind that would scrape the page, create a playlist and post it to Spotify or MeFi Music or???

I was first inspired by this 👇🏼thread and did a half-assed extraction and sorting of the links. (The link in the title is to that spreadsheet.)

21 Songs About or Featuring Drinking.
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Do this one next! And anything similar. Pretty please :D
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TL;DR - I tried this and gave up. But yeah, doable in many different ways.

I started this once for YouTube / Vimeo links (not being hip enough for Spotify). I stopped when faced with numerous factors:

- Terms of Service legal stuff.

- API stuff (accounts, developer keys, etc.)

- Not wanting to 'claim' some sort of MetaFilter name on YouTube/etc.

- At the time, I think YouTube/Google did some sort of MetaFilter video playlist sort of thing already.

- The logistics of discovering or deciding which posts were worthy of treatment. Or you end up with a 'Playlist/#######' for every MF post that has a looked for link.

So I settled on a web-scraper script that just made me a list of YouTube/Vimeo links that I could edit down to the interesting ones so I could just download them locally and call it a day.

If I had the itch again, I'd set up something to watch the RSS feeds, and trigger on a comment by me that said something like "I'm saving these!". Then the code would catch up and keep watching that threads comments.

I know somewhere in MF past there were a few threads where I made comments about my code / half-solution but I'm too lazy to go looking ATM.
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Yeah, zengargoyle all I was talking about was aggregating not downloading stuff. Webscraper is the first step.
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