To My Dead Husband
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To My Dead Husband
What I'd say to my dead husband if I had the chance.

My husband killed himself on July 14, 2014. I referred to him here as Mr. Nerd.
I've been wanting to write something about him for quite awhile, and finally settled on writing him a letter. I tried to keep it simple and only go into the things I'd want him to know if he could actually read it.
There are other bits of writing in this blog, mostly stuff I wrote while on buses or trains and scanned in.
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This is such beautiful writing, I hope it brought you some peace.
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OMG. I’ve been active on the analog heaven mailing list for 22 years.

I have so many feelings. I didn’t know you were here on metafilter. That letter is so raw and honest, I don’t really know what else to say, other than I see you, you are important, your words are important and I’m here for you.
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Thanks! :)
Very pleasantly surprised that this got read by at least one AH person. I have a bunch of synth-related friends and acquaintances on FB, where I posted the link to the blog post as well.
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I'm glad you're here!
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This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
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That was difficult and lovely, thank you for sharing it.
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Thanks for writing this.
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Particular lines that resonated:

“ It would have been much better had you given me room to grow as an individual, rather than only grow as your soulmate.”

“I found the love you tried to convince me we had.”

Thank you hugely for sharing this.
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