Lost Notes
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Lost Notes
My brand-new podcast for KCRW! Wheee! Over a year in the making, it's a brand-new series devoted to “the greatest music stories never truly told.”

Over eight episodes, our intrepid host (comedian Solomon Georgio) will take you deep into the memory-stained musical past for stories both strange and familiar, popular and obscure. Whether your tastes run to ’60s country, ’80s bubblegum, or ’90s hip-hop, Lost Notes has a story for you.

The first two episodes are live now:

ep1: Louie, Louie: The Strange Journey of the Dirtiest Song Never Written. An FBI Investigation, an engagement ring, wine coolers... the surprising story behind the ubiquitous anthem that every teenager bangs out on their first guitar. Produced by David Weinberg.

ep2: Outlaws of the Airwaves: The Rise of Pirate Radio Station WBAD. Pirate radio station WBAD in New York was a beloved source for fans of underground, unsanitized hip-hop in the 1990s, but how high could this illegal operation fly while also staying under the radar? Produced by David Goren.

Future episodes include stories about the private recordings of Captain Beefheart, the whereabouts of the Shaggs, the basketball connections of New Edition, the strange redemption story of country singer Glen Sherley, a million-dollar McDonald's flexi disc, and the North African field recordings of Aisha Ali.
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Wow, congrats!
posted by rangefinder 1.4 at 10:32 PM on April 15, 2018

Ooh, do the story of George Harrison vacationing in Southern Illinois in September 1963, while Beatlemania was in full swing in the UK but not yet here. The first performance in the US by a Beatle was at the Eldrorado, IL VFW, the first station to play the Beatles was WFRX in West Frankfort.
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Subscribed to the feed and am enjoying this!
posted by ryanshepard at 7:45 PM on May 17, 2018

This got me at just the right time, when I'm kinda tired of the podcasts in my usual rotation. I love wonky music-making talk and forgotten histories, and I recently saw (and greatly enjoyed) Solomon Georgio's standup. Looking forward to digging into these episodes!
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