Salary Negotiation: A Simple How-To
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Salary Negotiation: A Simple How-To
I prepared this how-to-negotiate-salary doc for some family and friends and thought I'd share it with the world! I'm a woman in tech and I had to kinda figure out how to negotiate salary on my own (but see note inside) so wanted to share my experience to level the playing field a bit.

Once someone told me that someone new to our team had not negotiated their salary and I said, "Why not????" And the person responded, maybe no one ever taught them to negotiate. And I said, "Well no one ever taught me." And that is such a lie! My whole privileged childhood was implicitly teaching me that I deserve to negotiate my salary.

So please share this doc with anyone who might need it! And bookmark it for your own use if you find it helpful. Everyone deserves to negotiate for every last penny they can get!
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief on March 16, 2018: Salary Negotiation: A Simple How-To (Part 1: DO IT)

This is great! Very concrete, with suggested phrasings and a detailed list of scenarios. Really wonderful. Thank you.
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This is very good, thank you for posting it here. You make a very good point about how the lack of cultural capital that reduces readiness to negotiate holds back women, members of traditionally disadvantaged groups and even those from overseas who may not realise that there is room for negotiation.
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My clunky old computer totally bought the farm trying to load Google Docs, but the first few paragraphs looked great!

You might already have this one down but I was just thinking a moment ago while reading the U.S. politics thread that if you know that your boss voted for the current government and that government is making ridiculous disconnected-from-reality predictions about the rate of economic growth which is supposedly going to to happen under its helmsmanship, you should insist on a guaranteed growth rate in your salary as a baseline for keeping pace with inflation equal to the ridiculous forecasts of your boss's chosen government.

(I realize that doesn't directly make sense economically, but neither has any argument made to me in a salary negotiation about why I shouldn't be paid more.)
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I've sent this to three different people already, thank you!
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