Georgian and Regency Weirdness from Erato
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Georgian and Regency Weirdness from Erato
I thought, "Oh, I will try to write something super commercial, something that will sell like hotcakes because it's a popular genre that lots of people love." The result of my effort has been described as like the John Waters version of the Regency era. It may never be really popular, but if you like your historical novels with fewer bonnets and balls, but brimming with disease, garbage, cadavers and suicide attempts, these might be up your alley. Oh yes, most of them are comedies, by the bye.

CUT OF THE CLOTHES: Two heterosexual men (one of whom will eventually become King George IV) obsess about fashion and about each other.
HONORIA: A country girl hoping for a good marriage repeatedly embarrasses herself and others.
THE COXCOMBS: Dandies who live in a bog have to marry rich women in order to keep up their lifestyle.
SWEET ERRORS: Two bimbos are seduced by highwaymen.
NONE BUT FOOLS: An actor is forced to put on the performance of his life in order to repulse a fangirl.
OF CRIMSON JOY: A recently married woman meets the love of her life elsewhere.
DUPE AND DUPLICITY: Interracial twins travel to London to settle a love affair, and find themselves entangled in the mania of Bartholomew Fair.
IN THE FIRE: The Sorrows of Young Werther sets off a love affair and a string of suicide attempts.
HAP AND HASTINESS: A girl will inherit a fortune if she can be married by midnight.
PURSUIT: Chases on horseback as a couple try to elope at Gretna Green.
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