The Coen Brothers Must Die
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The Coen Brothers Must Die
Do the Joel & Ethan actually work for Big Tobacco?

I've personally counted every single cigarette & tobacco item appearing within all 17 films created by the infamous Coen Brothers. Visit to view the raw spreadsheet data and read about my alarming conclusions. Joel & Ethan Coen seem to have an overwhelming allegiance to Big Tobacco that goes way beyond simple product placement deals. Like everyone else, the films by the Coen brothers hold a special place in my heart, but what I've found during this study will shock you.
Role: Overlord & Savior
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Wow! I am bookmarking for when I have time for a longer read. That is a delightful, impressive thing you've made.
posted by queensissy at 9:55 AM on January 30

This is awesome. I must note that it feels to me that the Coen Brothers have plenty of company. Call Me By Your Name and virtually every other movie I've seen for quite a while has been filled with smoking. I just don't get it, unless so many actors are smokers it is just easier to include that in scenes. Seriously, WTF?
posted by Bella Donna at 12:10 AM on February 9

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