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High-performance web site for business professionals with advanced business needs, keep up-to-date on all business facts for your business. Growth, leverage, portfolio, value-added, markets and other key business metrics.

This is my cargo-cult tribute to the Bloomberg Terminal.

HTML, CSS, JS (d3fc for the finance charts).
Role: programmer, designer
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I've only had the page loaded for 5 minutes and already my syngergy is fully deployed and shifting paradigms into a deep dive. What an action item! My take-aware here: fantastic.
posted by roue at 7:02 AM on January 15 [2 favorites]

posted by Sokka shot first at 7:22 AM on January 16 [1 favorite]

This is fantastic, love it.
posted by nerdfish at 2:44 AM on January 17 [1 favorite]

uh oh, the business charts are down, i'm not getting any valuable insights into my business. this is mission-critical overeducated_alligator, please remedy this by EOD
posted by Sokka shot first at 7:06 AM on January 17 [1 favorite]

Wait, no, they're not down, I just have old, bad browsers on my work computer
posted by Sokka shot first at 8:13 AM on January 17

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