A Spreadsheet for Tracking Calls to My Elected Officials
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A Spreadsheet for Tracking Calls to My Elected Officials
This is just a little spreadsheet for tracking calls to my elected officials, which I'm sharing in case other MeFites find it useful.

I've got all kinds of plans for creating a full-featured website to track my own progress on these calls, and maybe award badges or let people set up teams and encourage each other, but for now I'm just tracking things in a very simple spreadsheet - and I thought I would post it here for other folks who would like to make more calls.

The first page lets you track date and time of call (or fax or email), issue, and whether you spoke to anybody. Page 2 has phone numbers and fax numbers. Page 3 has links to resources, like my officials' websites, the Indivisible site, and the FaxZero pages for free faxes to members of Congress.

Please feel free to share with anyone and adapt it to your own needs.

To the phones!
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