MuckTweet: a browser extension for tracking your Twitter (abuse) reports
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MuckTweet: a browser extension for tracking your Twitter (abuse) reports
It's 2017 and Twitter's Arab Spring euphoria is long over. We've traded Gamergate for Pizzagate. Trump uses his account as a literal bully pulpit. Journalists receive death threats in 140 characters (well, now 280). Leslie Jones has been forced to perform double duty as a troll buster. And even Twitter co-founder Biz Stone struggles to get neo-Nazis booted. What's an ordinary user to do? Enter MuckTweet.

Whenever you report a user or tweet on, the MuckTweet browser extension (currently Chrome only) makes a record. It then automatically checks the site for updates on that report—no extra work needed on your part. All information is stored locally on your computer and is never sent elsewhere.

MuckTweets won't get rid of the muck on Twitter directly, but it may give users a fighting chance through better understanding of abuse report resolution.

Not quite ready for prime time, so bug reports very welcome.
Role: programmer, ideator, CSS fumbler, reluctant tweeter
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