Chatty Catties
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Chatty Catties
A few years ago, someone asked me for a few thousand dollars to make a movie about his cat. Dear reader, I married that man. And today that movie, Chatty Catties, is available! The movie follows a woman, her cat, and the man that comes between them. It is set in a world where cats can talk to their owners. All of the cats are voiced by deaf or hard-of-hearing actors. You can hear the Seattle Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center talk about that choice here.

The movie won the FIPRESCI jury New American Cinema award at the Seattle International Film festival and sold out its showings. The critical reviews have been middling however, with a surprising number of them throwing jabs at our cat’s weight and appearance, calling her “not particularly cute”, and even “tubby”. (The latter really upset Lenny, so to calm her down we told her they just misspelled ‘tabby’). A selection of reviews is below.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, check it out at

Note: This is a talking cat movie, but it is not a children’s movie. It is more of a dark comedy. It has light swearing and some adult situations.
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Oh, how wonderful! I've seen bits and pieces of this already, as I know someone who works for a marketing agency that did creative work for Chatty Catties. In fact, this is mine own cat. And his name really is Riker.

So cool to see this on MeFi Projects!
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