Circumventing Web Censorship with Infranet
November 18, 2005 5:05 PM

Circumventing Web Censorship with Infranet
An increasing number of countries and companies routinely block or monitor access to parts of the Internet. To counteract these measures, we have built Infranet, a system that enables clients to surreptitiously retrieve sensitive content via cooperating Web servers distributed across the global Internet. These Infranet servers provide clients access to censored sites while continuing to host normal uncensored content. Infranet uses a tunnel protocol that provides a covert communication channel between its clients and servers, modulated over standard HTTP transactions that resemble innocuous Web browsing. In the upstream direction, Infranet clients send covert messages to Infranet servers by associating meaning to the sequence of HTTP requests being made. In the downstream direction, Infranet servers return content by hiding censored data in uncensored images using steganographic techniques. We are searching for developers to help us maintain and deploy this service on a topologically and geographically diverse set of nodes. We would also like to explore creative techniques for software distribution.
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