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As the IAAF World Champions begin, a 45 minute ode to the Decathlon. For the "lead single", I made a videoclip [warning: strobes] inspired by Le vol d'Icare by Georges Schwizgebel. AND a 90s site to boot!

From the liner notes: The story of this album begins sometime early in the Summer of 2016, where I pictured an album inpired by the Olympics. Short on time, the idea was postponed to the next year (as the Athletics World Championships take place), later streamlined into a theme: the decathlon. Later in October, as I worked on Themes for a Lost City, I was also practicing a new variant of the Twin Sprawl logo, and one of them caught my eye thanks to its dynamic, looking like an athlete in a half De Stijl, half cave painting style with the initials. That was the starting point for the final form of the record in the following six months.
Vaguely inspired by the concepts of each event, it's a relatively short album (in part limited by the 10 track limit), with a more techno-ish sound than the previous records.


I kinda planned turning this into some sort of visual album, but that would have been far too time consuming and I would have certainly struggled finding enough material for 45 minutes, even if I could pull some "narrative" of sorts (Two Fouls is supposed to be the moments before the third jump with no marks yet, for instance).
Following my rule of albums = paid, EPs = free, this one has a €3 price, although I think I still have some promo codes to assign, and will probably use them here.

As for the future, around 2018 I should have the EP sequel to Implanted Memories (titled ReImplanted Memories because that sounded about right), and for this one, I've been experimenting with some early 90s CGI visuals, actually done in a early 3DStudio 4.
Role: musican, animator
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