Everyday Gay: A Kissing Book
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Everyday Gay: A Kissing Book
Everyday Gay: A Kissing Book is a romance novel in ebook form. It's pay-what-you-like, with all proceeds going to Trans LifeLine, a crisis hotline for trans people in the US and Canada. It is hilarious, heartwarming, sexy, and, for some, educational.

Kevin’s been single for almost two years, and he's more than ready to find someone new. The trouble is, he's hung up on his unattainable new neighbor, Tyler, who is a good fifteen years younger, six inches taller, and ten times more beautiful than Kevin. Even worse: so is Tyler's boyfriend Ryan.

Tyler has just been broken up with again, but that's OK. In no time at all another gym bunny will be along to fuck him, date him, and dump him. He's been on this train so many times he knows all the stops by heart. But then an energetic little guy with no fashion sense moves in down the hall, and Tyler’s train goes right off the rails.

Features: a cisgender flamboyant fashion god with shampoo-commercial hair and an unironic affection for fairy figurines; a trans guy with an enormous and excessively affectionate family and a very troublesome cat; snarky yet supportive friends; flirtatious strangers; one too many ex-boyfriends; several cups of tea; a minor misunderstanding, a tragic misunderstanding; home-brewed beer; the novels of Jane Austen; and, in a surprise appearance late in the book, Ukrainian folk dancing.
Role: Author
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