More cowbell
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More cowbell
Yet another 0.999/1.000/1.001 phase music thingumy. For reasons unknown this comment popped into my mind today, and having some spare time, I did the next best thing.
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posted by cortex at 9:34 AM on July 1, 2017

Some real real good stuff there around 3:30 and on into the next minute, would pass easily for a hot-shit drum solo during a jazz show.

I feel like this one comes off as a little more modal than some of the others, like the shifts from one emergent pattern to the next feel more abrupt, more discrete; maybe it's the sharpness of the various percussive sounds, where there's obviously some reverb/room in there but the cowbell hits and the snare are still real tight short transient impulses, so there's less of an overall smearing effect as a close overlap becomes a perfect overlap becomes a close overlap again.
posted by cortex at 9:40 AM on July 1, 2017

I just figured out that the least common multiple of 0.999, 1 and 1.001 is 999999; so in the case of this 8.039 second sample it would take slightly over 93 days to make a perfect loop.
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