Old Blue Witch
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Old Blue Witch
I have been working on the new Fit and the Conniptions album for a loooooong time.

This is far and away the strongest album I have put out to date. I've switched from guitar to bass; there are no guitars on this album. Or, indeed, any non-acoustic instruments apart from electric bass.

There are also more overtly political songs on this album than ever before, including a song about the late union leader Bob Crow and the title track, Old Blue Witch. It so happens that at least one of the songs on this album is older than the other two band members. Others are more recent.

Speaking of the other band members, they are truly awesome: I was fortunate enough to be playing with Duncan Menzies on fiddle, viola and tin whistle, and Holly Mallett on drums, with guest appearances from Dana Immanuel, Whiskey Mick Rowan and Saskia Doornbos.

The production values are a significant step up from previous efforts; this time around I had a non-zero budget to work with, and I used it on things like a proper studio, a proper engineer, artwork-not-by-me, etc.

The artwork, btw, is by the ridiculously talented Molly Crabapple.

Have a listen?
Role: Composer / producer / bass / vocals
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